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Fracturing Chemical

  • Friction Reducers: High TDS Emulsion and Dry powder products, light brine Emulsion and Dry powder FR products;

  • Emulsion Organic Non-inoic Clay Control: 40-50% cheaper than KCl and Choline Chloride;

  • Emulsion High Efficient Borate Cross-linker: Loading 0.5-1gpt,applicable up to 300F(150C);

  • Emulsion Enzyme Gel Breaker: Loading at 0.002-0.01gpt,applicable up to 212F(100C);

  • Nano Surfactant: Bio-degradable,loading at 0.3-0.5gpt,better improve the drainage and fracturing effect;

Acidizing Chemical Products

  • Bio-Chemical (Enzyme Protein and Chelating Agent): Environmental Friendly and Biodegradable, applicable in producing Wells Cleaning and Completion wells cleaning;

  • Bio-Acid Agent for Acid Fracking: 100% bio-degradable, 20-30% cheaper compare with HCl and HF acid;

EOR Chemical Products

  • Polyacrylamide: Applicable up to 100,000ppm salinity & 1,000ppm divalent,212F(100C) temperature;

  • Associative Polymer: Applicable up to 100,000ppm salinity & 1,000ppm divalent,212F(100C) temperature;

  • Foaming Agent: Applicable up to 660F(350C);

  • Heavy Oil Drive Agent: Applicable up to 350C,great viscosity reducer for heavy oil extraction;

  • Surfactant: Chemical EOR and Cleaning Agent

Drilling Chemical Additive

  • Polymer for Drilling chemical Additive: high TDS and low loading for drilling mud additive

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